Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Melbourne Cup

I would like to take a step side ways and post something non-fashion related.
Yesterday was the Melbourne Cup here is Australia, the largest horse racing even in Australia.
I have myself bet and gone to horse racing and enjoyed the dressing up for the occasion!
But yesterday has left a sour taste in my mouth for two reasons.
Tragically two of the horses who ran in the main event passed away after the race. The first was a Japanese horse Admire Rakti, who was the favourite to win the race. He came last and shortly after the race collapsed and died in his stall - experts are suspecting he suffered a massive heart attack due to the pressure of the race. The second was Araldo who had to be put down after breaking his leg after being walked back to his stall. Someone in the crowd waved a flag too close to his face and he got spooked thus kicking a fence breaking his leg, the damage was un-reversible thus having his owner make the decision to end his life humanly. I feel heartbroken by what has happened to those two poor horses. I feel this industry is just for humans entertainment at animals expense. As such I will no longer attend, bet or be involved in any kind of race horsing event.

RIP -  Admire Rakti
 RIP - Araldo

Also the people I saw walking home yesterday or around the city was absolute trash! I had to step over so much vomit and rubbish on the way into the city today, its embarrassing and just resonates the fact that we just use Melbourne Cup as an excuse to get absolutely trashed and act with no class what so ever! I hope this event even though it does bring people together and creates excitement, gets cancelled as the pictures show below just how classy this event really is.

 Seagulls left to the mess, many would be eating the plastic left behind
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