Friday, 31 October 2014


Lauren Conrad, I have loved LC ever since the days of Laguna Beach, then The Hills!
I love her style how it has evolved since those days but remains very classic. I follow her blog and and her hair has always remained the same classic style. I would take her photo to my hair dressers and ask for her curls and recently this year her blonde summer colour...
She posted the below photo's recently for the making of her Halloween costume and her hair is just PERFECT! The colour, the root fade, the length and curls! Everything I am obsessed and will be taking this picture next time I see my wonderful hair dresser!

  Not to mention, her outfit is super cute too! Love a good chambray and white sneaker combo :)
So as you can tell yes she is a bit of a hair and fashion idol for me, I even brought her books, they have so many handy beauty hacks and fashion tips! Love it.
So I was shocked and surprised to see the below photo pop up only yesterday on a celebrity gossip site. She did what I never have the balls to do - the Lob! Post wedding of course! :)

She looks fantastic, as always! Everything suits her!(jealousy is overwhelming)
What do you think of her new crop? Be interesting to see how she styles it as she is the braid and soft curl queen!
Taylor XXX
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Thursday, 30 October 2014


Just a quick post! Been busy with work and my birthday week!! I am always really busy at month end due to working in the accounting field! Looking forward to the weekend, planning a quiet one as Jacob flies back to work tomorrow, plans are to blog, whip up some tasty recipes and get some exercise in (along with washing, laundry, and housework but that stuff is boring!) As well as training my naughty Ellie! She is getting better but just loves being so cheeky! I swear she thinks she is 10 foot tall and 100 kilo's not this tiny little baby! Puppy school was meant to start this week but the trainer called in sick, so its been delayed until next week, just want to get her in so we can sort her out especially her toilet training!

On another note, I have been obsessed with the ripped jeans trend for a while now, and the styles are finally hitting aussie shores (we are so behind the times still!!) I purchased two pairs over the weekend from and cannot wait for them to arrive. I went with two high waisted with rips at the knee's, one is a dark denim while the other is lighter. Will post once I receive them :)

Talk Soon XXX

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Blog Stigma

Still trying to figure out what I want this blog to be? I figured fashion would be best since its what I am passionate and could easily right about but then I feel that's not what there is all to me. I have many passions and hobbies and just stuff going on in my life! I am thinking it will be more of a lifestyle blog? But I don't really want to put a label on it. So I will just keep posting what I feel like, fashion, makeup, food (as in baking)! Diet, exercise and just life in general. Because its not just one particular thing that makes up a whole person. Sometimes I feel fashion bloggers or food bloggers or even youtubers I follow get really run down and sometimes when they do try post something different that they get hounded for it. But people in general usually have more than one interest or may have lost or gained inspiration to try something different! This is how my title came to be, as I have  had it in my mind for years...About A Girl. Girls are complex and we have many things going on, the ultimate multi-taskers :) Hears to people who blog wanting to be whatever they want to be without the labels, stigma's and everything else. Hears to writing about what ever we feel like writing about on any particular day!

Taylor xXxX

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

In need of a pick me up

Do you ever have those days where you just feel flat? Like your not sick or anything but you just feeling off? I am having one of those days...the weekend is too far away so I can only think of one thing to cheer me up - Shoes and Bags :)


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Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Two days are not long enough! By the time you catch up on sleep, washing, cleaning and try and fit some social life in-between its like BAM! All over red rover. Sometimes when I walk into work on the Monday morning I feel as though I never left! I am excited for the weekend coming though, my birthday is on Friday (working but its okay, I'll get cake!) Jacob flies home that night then I have a long weekend to spend being spoilt by my friends and family :)

But this weekend consisted of puppy sitting!, the best lemon meringue in the world and not much else!

 I couldn't find Ellie for ages on Sunday morning, I was starting to freak out, I took my eyes off for her for a second and Tia couldn't seem to find her either which is weird as they usually follow each other around constantly! but low and behold I go back into my bedroom and in the midst of the clothes I am trying to sort, this little cute face popped up!

On Saturday I went to Jamie's Italian with my mum and little sister Eden for an early birthday lunch - this is the best lemon meringue ever!! I mean look at it! I couldn't even finish it but am craving another slice right now!

My food prep for the week, never been one to do this but thought it might help keep my on track! There is some watermelon all cut up for work snacks and my dinner for the next few nights, a gluten free spinach and chorizo pasta. (I need carbs, I cannot and will not go carb-less, every time I try my body panics and yes I might loose weight in the first week but I crave it so bad I feel sick and weak! So carbs everyday!!)

My backyard right now! Those roses won't last long if it keeps heating up! So pretty though! Reminds me of the 'Secret Garden'
And a little selfie at the end, my hair needs doing so bad! It's gone so yellow and brassy even though I am using purple toning shampoo! Oh well its being taken care of this Saturday! Can't wait, going to take the blonde up a notch :)

Hope everyone has a good week! XxXx

Sunday, 19 October 2014

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Monday Inspirations

Chanel Wishing


Working on the fitness

Where to start... I have never been the biggest girl but I am defiantly at my heaviest right now. Its a mixture of long work hours, busy social life, caring for two pups and just day to day stuff that comes up like my massive pile of laundry I have building up (Eeeepp!!) That I just can't seem to make the time to exercise. But I know I need to do something as I have lost all my muscle tone in my arms and legs. I don't sleep well, my face is breaking out (not super bad as I have quite good skin due to genetics  - thanks mum!) but bad enough its bothering me. I just don't feel as confident as well and with summer coming up with a holiday in Thailand the thought of being in a bikini has me somewhat nauseous!

Food is also a big problem....not problem that's not the right word, but I feel stuck in a rut and so desperately want to crawl out. So starting today, yes today not on Monday or next week or after my birthday next week I am cleaning up my diet...kicking the worst habit - soft drink! Namely coke zero, it used to be normal coke and like one everyday and I was so proud when I cut it to coke zero and only a couple of times a week! But I have to get serious - no coke - cold turkey! Gahhh!! The rest is just simple fresh fruit and veggies all day everyday, and try and eat a little meat now and then so I keep my iron and B12 levels in check! I have a blood disorder where my body doesn't absorb B12 properly. if I get too low I have to go and have injections - which make me feel all sorts of F'ed up :(

Exercise - I am ashamed to admit but I bought the Kayla Itsines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge did week 1 and then Jake came home the next week and my motivation and drive went right out the window! :( So lets start up again and stick to it this time and hopefully see some progress. Right now I would not post a before photo I am just not that confident maybe if I do see some amazing results I'll let you know! as Kayla posts the incredible before and afters on her blog! - Check it -

transformation16.jpg  transformation19.jpg   transformation20.jpg

How amazing do all those girls look!!! They have simular body shapes to me so hopefully I can look just like them in 12 weeks and then after that tackle Kayla's next challenge the 12 - 24 weeks!! Arrghh

So of we go!! Keeping it simple, and letting my self have the occasional treat - hello I need to eat cake on my birthday its a crime not too!!!

PS - The picture below is Kayla - super super fit!!! Dream Body!! Skinny but Strong!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Currently Craving - Everthing Sabo Skirt

SaboSkirt is one of my fave aussie brands, they have on trend pieces and great prices and also ship world wide! Take a look -
Love this bright colourful summer dress!
I am obsessed with stripes! But I am super picky when it comes to them! They have to be the right size, width, spacing and colour! I tend to be drawn to more navy and white combos over the original black and white. I don't know why the black and white feels too jail bird for me? :)
Again great bright summer colour, looks great paired with a simple black top and minimal accessories.
I am have been on the hunt for a good pair of leopard pants, I was leaning towards tights/leggings but these look so much more comfortable and would be more cooler in the hot summer days where you want to cover you legs (i.e you forgot to shave your legs that morning!)
Simple and great for running errands on hot day or perfect for a cover-up at the beach or at the pool

Friday, 17 October 2014

Sally's Baking Addiction = My New Addiction

Cooking.... its all I feel like doing lately is cooking?? I have stumbled across the most beautiful blog - Sally's Baking Addiction! And all I can say is I too am addicted!!! Sally not only posts amazing recipes but she also talks through the process on how each recipe came to be, her feedback from her friends and hubby and how you could adjust it to suit your liking or dietary needs :)

Funfetti Buttermilk Pancakes-2    Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes-2

I am going to try and re-create her peanut butter cookies this weekend and maybe the pancakes?? She also has a amazing donut recipe that are baked not fried!! With a mouth-watering glaze! I will blog about my adventures in the kitchen and fingers crossed they come out as pretty and tasty as Sally's.
Mmmm I can feel myself already preparing extra squats, lunges and lifts to work this all off!! - Take a look and enjoy :)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Baby

So after much convincing I finally won the battle against my boyfriend to finally bring another baby into our little family! Jake did take a lot of convincing, like two years worth!! But the final battle came down to our first born, Tia. Tia is a staffy x lab x greyhound x a whole lot more! The perfect jungle mix as I like to call it! Tia is nearly two years old and is becoming more destructive in the yard and around the house. She was never naughty as a puppy, in fact she was toilet trained in two days! but as Jacob is working away and I am working in the city long hours, my baby Tia was getting ever so lonely! So after coming to agreements on a few things (like no dogs in the bed, has to be another girl and a certain staffy x) I finally won!!

Meet baby Ellie
She is a six week old staffy x kelpie, she cries like a wolf and loves to gobble her food up so quick, that she gives herself the hiccups. I feel she is the perfect addition to our family and will hopefully put my baby itch/cluckiness at bay for another few years!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Better make a start

Something I have wanted to start for a very long time after reading blogs everyday and following my favourite bloggers, BarefootBlonde, Cara Loren, the skinny confidential ect.. I decided why not make my own.