Sunday, 19 October 2014

Working on the fitness

Where to start... I have never been the biggest girl but I am defiantly at my heaviest right now. Its a mixture of long work hours, busy social life, caring for two pups and just day to day stuff that comes up like my massive pile of laundry I have building up (Eeeepp!!) That I just can't seem to make the time to exercise. But I know I need to do something as I have lost all my muscle tone in my arms and legs. I don't sleep well, my face is breaking out (not super bad as I have quite good skin due to genetics  - thanks mum!) but bad enough its bothering me. I just don't feel as confident as well and with summer coming up with a holiday in Thailand the thought of being in a bikini has me somewhat nauseous!

Food is also a big problem....not problem that's not the right word, but I feel stuck in a rut and so desperately want to crawl out. So starting today, yes today not on Monday or next week or after my birthday next week I am cleaning up my diet...kicking the worst habit - soft drink! Namely coke zero, it used to be normal coke and like one everyday and I was so proud when I cut it to coke zero and only a couple of times a week! But I have to get serious - no coke - cold turkey! Gahhh!! The rest is just simple fresh fruit and veggies all day everyday, and try and eat a little meat now and then so I keep my iron and B12 levels in check! I have a blood disorder where my body doesn't absorb B12 properly. if I get too low I have to go and have injections - which make me feel all sorts of F'ed up :(

Exercise - I am ashamed to admit but I bought the Kayla Itsines 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge did week 1 and then Jake came home the next week and my motivation and drive went right out the window! :( So lets start up again and stick to it this time and hopefully see some progress. Right now I would not post a before photo I am just not that confident maybe if I do see some amazing results I'll let you know! as Kayla posts the incredible before and afters on her blog! - Check it -

transformation16.jpg  transformation19.jpg   transformation20.jpg

How amazing do all those girls look!!! They have simular body shapes to me so hopefully I can look just like them in 12 weeks and then after that tackle Kayla's next challenge the 12 - 24 weeks!! Arrghh

So of we go!! Keeping it simple, and letting my self have the occasional treat - hello I need to eat cake on my birthday its a crime not too!!!

PS - The picture below is Kayla - super super fit!!! Dream Body!! Skinny but Strong!

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