Friday, 31 October 2014


Lauren Conrad, I have loved LC ever since the days of Laguna Beach, then The Hills!
I love her style how it has evolved since those days but remains very classic. I follow her blog and and her hair has always remained the same classic style. I would take her photo to my hair dressers and ask for her curls and recently this year her blonde summer colour...
She posted the below photo's recently for the making of her Halloween costume and her hair is just PERFECT! The colour, the root fade, the length and curls! Everything I am obsessed and will be taking this picture next time I see my wonderful hair dresser!

  Not to mention, her outfit is super cute too! Love a good chambray and white sneaker combo :)
So as you can tell yes she is a bit of a hair and fashion idol for me, I even brought her books, they have so many handy beauty hacks and fashion tips! Love it.
So I was shocked and surprised to see the below photo pop up only yesterday on a celebrity gossip site. She did what I never have the balls to do - the Lob! Post wedding of course! :)

She looks fantastic, as always! Everything suits her!(jealousy is overwhelming)
What do you think of her new crop? Be interesting to see how she styles it as she is the braid and soft curl queen!
Taylor XXX
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