Thursday, 16 October 2014

New Baby

So after much convincing I finally won the battle against my boyfriend to finally bring another baby into our little family! Jake did take a lot of convincing, like two years worth!! But the final battle came down to our first born, Tia. Tia is a staffy x lab x greyhound x a whole lot more! The perfect jungle mix as I like to call it! Tia is nearly two years old and is becoming more destructive in the yard and around the house. She was never naughty as a puppy, in fact she was toilet trained in two days! but as Jacob is working away and I am working in the city long hours, my baby Tia was getting ever so lonely! So after coming to agreements on a few things (like no dogs in the bed, has to be another girl and a certain staffy x) I finally won!!

Meet baby Ellie
She is a six week old staffy x kelpie, she cries like a wolf and loves to gobble her food up so quick, that she gives herself the hiccups. I feel she is the perfect addition to our family and will hopefully put my baby itch/cluckiness at bay for another few years!!

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