Monday, 20 October 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Two days are not long enough! By the time you catch up on sleep, washing, cleaning and try and fit some social life in-between its like BAM! All over red rover. Sometimes when I walk into work on the Monday morning I feel as though I never left! I am excited for the weekend coming though, my birthday is on Friday (working but its okay, I'll get cake!) Jacob flies home that night then I have a long weekend to spend being spoilt by my friends and family :)

But this weekend consisted of puppy sitting!, the best lemon meringue in the world and not much else!

 I couldn't find Ellie for ages on Sunday morning, I was starting to freak out, I took my eyes off for her for a second and Tia couldn't seem to find her either which is weird as they usually follow each other around constantly! but low and behold I go back into my bedroom and in the midst of the clothes I am trying to sort, this little cute face popped up!

On Saturday I went to Jamie's Italian with my mum and little sister Eden for an early birthday lunch - this is the best lemon meringue ever!! I mean look at it! I couldn't even finish it but am craving another slice right now!

My food prep for the week, never been one to do this but thought it might help keep my on track! There is some watermelon all cut up for work snacks and my dinner for the next few nights, a gluten free spinach and chorizo pasta. (I need carbs, I cannot and will not go carb-less, every time I try my body panics and yes I might loose weight in the first week but I crave it so bad I feel sick and weak! So carbs everyday!!)

My backyard right now! Those roses won't last long if it keeps heating up! So pretty though! Reminds me of the 'Secret Garden'
And a little selfie at the end, my hair needs doing so bad! It's gone so yellow and brassy even though I am using purple toning shampoo! Oh well its being taken care of this Saturday! Can't wait, going to take the blonde up a notch :)

Hope everyone has a good week! XxXx

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